Pecan Tarts with Buttery Crust

Viva La Difference!! These Pecan Tarts are a close cousin to American pecan tarts, but with a much richer finish.  Perfect for an indulgent snack, or to add to your bakery box, you won’t find a better tart than at Chez Pierre French Bakery.

We start with a real butter shell, and incorporate walnuts, butter and cream in the caramelized filling, and bake to perfection. Made as miniature tarts, or a full tart, this is a perfect dessert to bring to any function. Chez Pierre French Bakery bakes our Pecan Tarts to perfection.

If you are looking for the best Pecan Tarts in New Orleans, then look no further than  Chez Pierre French Bakery.  We have two locations, and a stand in the French Market in the French Quarter. Call today and reserve your Pecan Tarts so they can be ready when you stop by. If you would rather a quick dessert, you can stop by any of our three locations and sample a few with a fresh cup of our many coffees, in our French Cafe setting.

Chez Pierre French Bakery for the best Pecan Tarts in New Orleans!