Cream Topped Lemon Tart

Nothing says delicious like our Lemon Tart.  This is perfect for an after dinner dessert or an afternoon snack. Our Lemon Tart is perfect for any occasion and is a great dessert to bring for any function.

Chez Pierre French Bakery makes our Lemon Tart to perfection. We fill a lovely crumb crust with tart lemon filling, and top it with our pastry creme. Our attention to our recipe is second to none!

If you are looking for the best Lemon Tarte in New Orleans, then look no further than  Chez Pierre French Bakery. We have two locations one on 2901 David Dr. Metairie, LA and 3208 Clearview Parkway Metairie, LA. Call today and reserve your Lemon Tart so it will be ready when you stop by. If you would rather a quick dessert, you can stop by any of our two locations and grab a treat with a fresh cup of our many coffees, in our French Cafe setting.