Best King Cakes Delivered Right to Your Door

Chez Pierre delivers the best King Cakes right to your door. Our fast and efficient service guarantees freshness. You can also order online and have it ready for pick up at any of our five locations! Now is the time to prepare for the holidays and Mardi Gras. Come in and see why our King Cakes are amoung the best in Mississipppi and New Orleans. 


 With several locations in the heart of Mardi Gras-land, the King Cakes at Chez Pierre are the best King Cakes by far. We make our King Cakes fresh daily, morning and afternoon, with the finest, freshest ingredients possible, never frozen. The best King Cakes create a memorable delight for your taste buds and your total Mardi Gras experience.  The best King Cakes are made from the best recipe, which is the recipe at Chez Pierre French Bakery. Our King Cakes are crafted with patience and care by hand, not by machine, to create the ultimate experience for your celebration. We use top-grade flour, sifted to add loft to our King Cakes, and the freshest local eggs, making our King Cakes the best – soft, airy, and moist.  We take care to blend our ingredients perfectly, without over-mixing, and knead and shape our King Cake dough, waiting patiently for it to rise to the delectable, mouth-watering treat that will make your Mardi Gras celebration second to none. As is tradition with King Cakes, Chez Pierre incorporates a little plastic baby in each King Cake, adding to the fun of the celebration while all guests wait to see who will be the lucky recipient and carry on the tradition for next year’s party!

Our King Cakes are made in several flavors in addition to the traditional cinnamon swirl. We fill our King Cakes with high quality fruit fillings of pineapple, apple and strawberry, the freshest cream cheese, a filling of almonds and pecans, homemade Bavarian cream, and we even have a specialty tiramisu King Cake!  Each of our King Cakes is topped with a not-too-sweet whipped buttercream drizzle, and sprinkled with sugars in traditional colors of purple, yellow, and green.

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The best King Cakes in New Orleans from Chez Pierre French Bakery can be purchased in store, or shipped anywhere in the United States, to bring the experience of New Orleans and Mardi Gras right into your home!  Each of our very best King Cakes is carefully packaged with attention to detail. When you are purchasing your little piece of New Orleans, why not add the King Cake or two to your cart for friends or family? (link below)

The best King Cakes are from Chez Pierre French Bakery. They truly are the best choice!