Chez Pierre French Bakery, New OrleansCarnival is the celebration time in New Orleans beginning the 12th night after Christmas, King’s Day (January 6th), or feast of the Epiphany.  The tale of King Cake History is said to have come from France in the 12th century, and that the cake is named to honor the Biblical three kings, who bore gifts for the birth of the Christ child. The best King Cakes are baked daily at Chez Pierre French Bakery the start of Epiphany and continue through the season until Fat Tuesday.  The King Cake is historically a cinnamon filled, circullar cake. It is said that the circular shape is due to the pattern the Three Kings rode in to the Christ child to thwart any followers that meant harm. King Cake history is to top the cake with icing and colored sugars of purple, green and gold, representing justice, faith and power respectively. Modern King Cakes are made with many other flavors, and Chez Pierre bakes them all to perfection.  To honor this King Cake history, a tiny plastic baby is baked into each King Cake. The History of the King Cake tradition during Carnival Mardi Gras parties is to eat the cake on the Epiphany, and whomever gets the piece with the baby is to provide the King Cake for the next party. King Cake History often states that the Mardi Gras parties occur every Sunday during this season until Fat Tuesday. If you want to keep the King Cake History tradition alive, you will need the best King Cake in New Orleans for your Mardi Gras celebration, the King Cakes at Chez Pierre French Bakery. We fill our King Cakes with high quality fruit fillings of pineapple, apple and strawberry, the freshest cream cheese, a filling of almonds and pecans, homemade Bavarian cream, and we even have a specialty tiramisu King Cake!  

The best King Cakes in New Orleans from Chez Pierre French Bakery can be purchased in store, or shipped anywhere in the United States, to bring the experience of New Orleans and Mardi Gras right into your home!  Each of our very best King Cakes is carefully packaged with attention to detail. When you are purchasing your little piece of New Orleans, why not add the King Cake or two to your cart for friends or family?